Tokyo Embraces Wagner’s “Die Walküre” by Koichiro Tanaka

New National Theater spotted clear lights to the gigantic work of Richard Wagner’s signature, Die Walküre in Tokyo(October, 18, 2016).

As for the performance on the stage, the main characters are weil-thought and highly well-organized. Such as Stephen Gould (Siegmund), Greer Grimsley (Wotan), Irene Theorin (Brünnhilde), and Elena Zhidkova (Fricka). It constitutes some powerful Meistersingers in sufficient volume of voice. We know those singers, who might be taken for granted, it does not mean a good stage. Partly because this is the performance of 6th day of the work of this new production, I can clearly see the desire and love for power that each God has in their mind. Also acting eight Valkyries ensemble tightly. Those factors entitled a fine opera of Wagner.
(C) Masahiko Teraji ( Eye catch picture also)

The success of the orchestra should and would have a special to mention. Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra is not regarded as good at the pit of theater. But this time IS different. It became gradually good from the 1st day . The last day the tempo was rather fast that made orchestra’s parts fit.
Brass section blows strong sound that is indispensable for Wagner’ s. Contrabass works hard as well. It still does not remain anxious for the pitch, however, these two big points: brass and contrabass sections, two of the center of the ellipse, constructed “Der Ring” world.
T.W. Adorno wrote somewhere citing Richard Strauss that ” Der Ring des Nibelungen , every night has different orchestration,”. The Theater should aim to be so in the future.

The production of the 1990s of Goetz Friedrich looks old. Half-baked simple. High-tech-at-that-time reminds us of old style stage. But let me think about this. Old-fashioned production of this opera draws attention to the conflicts of Gods just we have got to see the singers. This in turn makes audience watch the drama itself. It works very good.

“Der Ring des Nibelungen” sets to perform next year “Seignfried“ and “Götterdämmerung”. “Die Walküre” has already shown the bankruptcy of Gods that comes from pursuing the will for power. Terrible. When Gods perish from the world, human has nothing to rely on. And the bankrupcy is quite near.

highlights  from SPICE movie,
–Tanaka Koichiro

International Relations researcher, and musicologist. Lecturing at Sophia University, Tokyo



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国際政治アナリスト(都市政策) 音楽社会学 上智大学非常勤講師


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